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Growing Locations

There are more than 5000 dispensaries in the U.S. - 2000 are recreational.

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Industry Growth

The US cannabis market is estimated to be $13.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to continue growing at a CAGR of 23.9% through 2025. Medical marijuana is the biggest segment representing 70.3% of sales. Recreational while smaller will grow the fastest over the next 5 years (expected 36.4% CAGR).

Dispensary Facts

The average dispensary generate roughly $5M a year (70% of the market), with larger dispensaries (20%) generating $30M-65M+. The average ticket for recreational marijuana is around $50. When we look at the medical space it's over $100. MIT studies have found that consumers are willing to spend double the amount with cards vs cash!

Over 80 Years Of Combined Industry Experience

We empower merchants by equipping them with cutting edge payment technology and tools grow their cannabis businesses

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CEO of Viridi Pay. Co-founder of Harborside one of the biggest dispensaries on the west coast. They do $65M annual revenue. An icon in the cannabis industry for last 12 years.  Harborside (HBOR) went public on Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) in May 2019.

Michael Tsang

Michael is the CEO of Super Processor. 20 year Payment processing industry executive. Second and last provider for credit card processing to Harborside 2008-10 when Cannabis processing was not completely restricted.

Debora Wohlrab

COO- 35 years in global financial services. For the last 3 years she has run her own financial consulting business helping larges organizations with financial strategy, product development, compliance, and development of global products and services.